COMPAS Poll/Survey
June 26, 2006

Canada - Rosy Prospects; Education and Skills Key to Our Competitiveness; U.S. and Democracy Key to Our Century of Outperforming Argentina

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In anticipation of Canada Day 2006, the COMPAS panel of CEOs and business leaders was asked to assess Canada’s economy. They were also asked to identify where Canada is competitive and to account for its historic success relative to Argentina, with whose prospects Canada was compared most unfavourably a century ago.

Canada is seen as performing very well with very strong prospects for the decade. We are seen as competitive in higher education and workforce skills, but not in apprenticeship programs, corporate tax burden, and regulatory burden. Our century long success vis-à-vis Argentina is attributed to natural resources, proximity to U.S. markets, democracy, educational systems, and legal system. Our habit of hard work is assigned least importance as an explanation of our success.

These are the key findings from the current web-survey of the COMPAS panel of CEOs and business leaders undertaken for the Financial Post under sponsorship of BDO Dunwoody LLP.

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