COMPAS Poll/Survey
August 3, 2006

Widespread Concern about Terrorist Risks in Canada, Harper Earns Good Performance Score on Mid-East, Israeli Response to Hezbollah About Right or Too Little vs. Too Much by Close to a 2:1 Margin, Iran, Saudis Blamed for Lebanon War

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An overwhelming majority of Canadians are concerned about a terrorist attack on Canadian soil.

For his Middle East policy, Harper earns a good performance score (60%)—higher than the large majority of scores earned by the Chretien and Martin governments. His good average score obscures polarization with 17% of those with an opinion giving him a score of 100% and 7%, a score of zero.

Asked if Israel’s reaction to Hezbollahs’ attack was too little, about right, or too much, a near two-thirds majority say too little or about right.

Iran and Saudi Arabia share the blame for the breakout of war between Hezbollah and Israel, albeit for different reasons. Iran helped trigger it, say 81% of Canadians, in order to sidetrack U.N. criticism of its nuclear weapons program.

The Saudis share responsibility for Lebanon’s destruction and ought to help rebuild it, say 91% of Canadians, because of the history of Saudi financial support for extremist organizations.

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