COMPAS Poll/Survey
August 14, 2006

Energy Crunch: More than Ever, North America Should Get Off Oil; Conserve, Explore, and Downplay Russia/Mexico; Ontario Should Renew Nuclear Despite Environmental and Terrorism Risk - Its Premiers Score Badly on Energy Planning

  A Weekly BDO Dunwoody CEO Business Leader Poll by COMPAS in the Financial Post
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With North America facing potential oil shocks, the COMPAS panel of CEOs and business leaders believes more than ever in having the continent use tax and other instruments to get off oil and oil imports. More than ever, panellists want governments to accelerate conservation and exploration. Russia and Mexico are seen as less reliable than in the past.

Ontario should renew its nuclear energy plants despite perceptions of environmental and terrorism risk.
All of Ontario’s four recent Premiers get very poor grades for energy planning.

These are the key findings from this past week’s survey of the COMPAS panel of CEOs and business leaders undertaken for The Financial Post under sponsorship of BDO Dunwoody LLP.

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