COMPAS Poll/Survey
August 27, 2006

State of the Teaching Profession 2006 Annual Survey

  A COMPAS Report to The Ontario College of Teachers
Policy and Opinion
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The fourth annual Ontario College of Teachers survey of the profession is part of an ongoing program to report on teachers’ assessments of the state of teaching and education in the province. This 2006 survey explores such themes as:
  • The satisfaction of teachers…what makes them satisfied, what gives them confidence, and where are the sources of stress

  • Career planning…how long will teachers stay;

  • How has education changed…what has improved, what has worsened, what do parents understand of their children’s classroom experience today;

  • Student success factors…how do sports, sleep, and distractions impact on success, and how early can teachers predict drop outs;

  • Parent-teacher relations…how involved are parents in their local school, how involved are they in their children’s education, and how well do Faculties of Education prepare teachers for interfacing with parents;

  • Federal legislation on sex …where do teachers stand on age of consent; and

  • The 2006 Council election…how many teachers know if they will vote.

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