COMPAS Poll/Survey
December 27, 2006

Stresses on Employee Health: Top Stresses: Money, Insufficient Exercise, Poor Managers, Parenting, and Spouses Top Employer Obligations: Improve Managers, Improve Leadership, Reduce Employee Conflict…Perhaps Install Exercise Facilities or Fight Alcoholism

  A Weekly BDO Dunwoody CEO Business Leader Poll by COMPAS in the Financial Post
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At a time of increased talk about employee health, the COMPAS panel of CEOs and business leaders was asked about the greatest stresses on employees and the obligations of employers to help mitigate such stresses.

From a long list of stresses presented to the panel, respondents identified five at the top: money, exercise, managers, parenting, and spouses. In response to open-ended questioning, they volunteered workaholism, personal and family health issues, and commuting as additional stresses.

Panelists feel that companies have serious but limited obligations to attenuate such stresses. The major obligations of corporations, in their view, are to improve the quality of managers, improve the quality of corporate executive leadership, and intervene to mitigate employee conflict. Among the remaining sources of stresses, CEOs and business leaders on the panel are most inclined to acknowledge the obligations of companies to provide exercise facilities and to undertake initiatives to combat alcoholism but their support for action on these two issues falls short of a majority position.

These are the principal findings from the weekly business web-survey conducted by COMPAS for the Financial Post under sponsorship of BDO Dunwoody LLP.

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