TORONTO, ON -- COMPAS Inc. (known as COMPAS Research, est. 1987) would like to clarify that it is not associated with the election tool being promoted by CBC on-air and online.
Vote Compass is an online canvas of political issues designed to tell users how their political views align with the various political parties.

The label and graphics of the CBC's “VOTE COMPASS” are very similar to well-established trademarks of COMPAS Research. This has led to confusion.

“We were reluctant to go public with this matter, but surveys are COMPAS’ business,” said Dr. Conrad Winn, founder of COMPAS Research.  “We do not object to the CBC attempting to use online tools to engage Canadians.  We simply don’t want to take credit or criticism for work we did not do.”

About COMPAS Research.: COMPAS Research (est. 1987) is an independent, non-partisan supplier of research and research-backed strategy to business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. COMPAS Research, as it is best known, has cemented its reputation as one of Canada’s premier research firms. For more information please visit

For further information contact:

Conrad Winn
416-598-0310 x 40

Amanda Galbraith
Playbook Communications

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