COMPAS Poll/Survey

CBC “Vote Compass” Controversies

For the national election campaign, the CBC launched and promoted heavily its online election tool, “Vote Compass” in the English language version. It is intended as an educational device to inform voters who answer its questions which party they are closest to.

The CBC’s tool provoked two kinds of controversies. Some critics alleged that it was a biased tool, favouring the Liberals over the Conservatives and to some extent the Green party over the NDP.

Our firm, COMPAS Research, alleged that the CBC was confusing Canadians by using COMPAS Research’s word mark and graphics symbols, for which our firm has been known for almost a quarter of a century.

To help clarify these two issues, we commissioned a large sample, nation-wide poll asking Canadians who had gone to the “Vote Compass” election tool to reveal which party the tool had told them they were closest to. We also asked Canadians if they thought that our firm was associated with it. We engaged another firm to do the fieldwork under their own name.


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