T-Shirt Designs

Ways to Conduct A Research On T-Shirt Designs

Are you looking for ways and places to research custom t-shirts designs? Lucky for you, you can do just that on your tablet or any other device. Thanks to technology, researching anything is so much easier. All you will have to do is punch in keywords on different sites, and you will get your results. To give you more ideas, here are some helpful ways and places to do your research on t-shirt designs.

Through Pinterest

Pinterest is a very helpful site and app to those who are looking for ideas on various things. It has a whole collection of anything from people to clothes. All that needs to be done is key in the word “t-shirt” and hit search. Thousands and thousands of t-shirt images will come up, from basic tees to custom t-shirts. If you are looking for a particular kind of t-shirt design, you can narrow the search by adding more keywords in the search bar.

Through Facebook

Facebook is not just your ordinary social media app. Aside from connecting people all around the world, it also provides entrepreneurs a platform for their businesses. If you browse through it, you will see numerous business pages offering products including t-shirts. You can click on the pages that particularly sell different types of t-shirt and browse through their designs. By doing this, you can not only get new and different ideas but also see which designs are the trend at the moment.

Through Instagram

Another social media app that helps entrepreneurs with their businesses is Instagram. Most people use this app to post pictures of their passion, and most of the time that includes the fashion world. This is why Instagram is also a perfect place to do your t-shirt design research. Moreover, it makes things easier for the user with its very famous hashtags. If you are looking for a particular design of a t-shirt, you can just type it in after a hashtag, and all the results available in the app will come up.

Through Twitter

Speaking of hashtags, Twitter is also a contender in making your research on t-shirt designs easier. The app does not only allow hashtags, but it also enables users to search for certain things, like t-shirt designs, using phrases, not just words. This is good if you are very particular with the results that you want to see. You can see all these designs under the “photo” tab.

Through T-Shirt Design Forums

If you want to be knowledgeable about what consumers think about certain t-shirt designs, it is highly suggested that you also visit forums tackling t-shirt designs. Here, you not only see the visuals; you also get a glimpse of the designers’ and the consumers’ minds. This will help you further advance in the designing field as it will enable you to not only appreciate but also fully understand the background and probably the meaning of each design.

Through Web Search

Aside from the very helpful apps and sites listed above, you can also just search through the web. In Google and Yahoo, you can easily key in the words “top 100 t-shirt designs” and thousands of results will come up. You can even add a year, period, or place to narrow it down. This is a good idea because more often than not, styles come back, and so looking back at these old but good t-shirts designs can be extremely beneficial to your research.


With these tips, your task will surely be easier and results will be broader. As long as you browse through diligently using the right keywords, your research outcome will be just fine.

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