Compas Services

Our services when it comes to your Market Research.

Situational Assessment

Here at Compas, we can assess scenarios or test out situations with certain targeted people, and we can identify the effects of the situation on your organization or company, both the benefits and disadvantages. We also come up with the best solutions to the results of the situation. If you are planning to release a certain product and want to know how the consumers will react to the price increase, you may test out the situation here.

Advertisement Tracing

When it comes to your advertisements, we can help you identify their effectiveness whether you have them posted on billboards or uploaded on social media platforms. We monitor your brand to identify if your efforts will be successful. We also record your advertisement data to identify your advertisements’ past performance and how it changes as time went on.

Text Checking

We ensure that your slogan, text, or messages used for your branding is correct to achieve your target audience engagement. We help you obtain the correct words to ensure that you are getting through your audience.

Market Prediction

We can help you analyze your market to assess how your service or product will obtain success through our forecast. We do that by responding to your forecasting queries. The results will help you determine how to make your brand, service, or product become more profitable based on the data results.


We keep an eye on available insights online, as well as the data to identify what the targeted audiences think about your product, service, and brand. Here at Compas, we know what your target audience has to say about your brand in specific. This helps you identify what parts need to be improved or altered in order to obtain the success of your brand.

Brand Condition

The condition of your brand will not stay the same. As time goes on, it changes, which is why you require actual feedbacks and insights from your audience. We evaluate how customers would feel and think about your product or brand, and we provide an all-inclusive assessment of your brand’s condition. We also provide you with a progressive structure plan to enhance your brand’s quality and strength.