What Career is Suitable for You?

Here, you will know what career suits best for you here at Compas for you to have a big role in market research. If you are confused about which path to take, this list of Compas careers is a big help of you. Find out if you are suitable! Here are the careers:

  1. Interviewer

As part of Compas, an interviewer is an employee who works to conduct interviews through the phone on different matters involving the projects of Compas. An interviewer’s job can also be involved with interviews conducted face-to-face at different places that are under the range of certain projects.

  1. Analyst

The Analyst is responsible for organizing internal projects and also drafting out market research reports.

  1. Statistical Technician

For statistical processing, this position is responsible for that. He or she will validate the data gathered from certain projects in Compas.

  1. Research Manager

The Research Manager is a well-experienced expert or professional who is responsible for project management, connections with clients, and also supervising researches. He or she needs to carry out many advice and directions to clients when it comes to strategic or research matters, but at the same time meets the objectives of Compas.