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E-Cigarette And Vape Market Worth $182.84 Billion By 2030

By 2030, the vape and e-cigarette market is forecasted to be worth 182.84 billion USD. A compound annual vaping growth rate, or CAGR, of 30 percent between 2022 and 2030 is being expected, based on a recent study by Grand View Research Inc. For the laymen, the growing popularity of vaping is seen clearly either personally or in social media.
What Influences The Growth Of the E-Cigarette And Vape Market
The advancement of technology is the main reason for the evolution of smoking. When tobacco products reached…

The Habit of Young Canadians to Buy Local Products

Purchasing local products can be observed as trending economic ethics in today’s younger generation.
Young Canadians prefer to purchase local goods for different reasons, such as giving support to the local economy or making sure that the environment is much protected from mass production of items that can cause damage to nature during manufacture.
Liking by Age
About 3,000 young Canadians were surveyed to know about their behavior and perception in buying local products. The mentioned respondents were in the age range of 13 – 37 years old. Here are the results, which were divided into three categories:

Poll Says Majority of Canadians are concerned about COVID-19 outbreak

A large number of Canadians, specifically in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak in their cities. The Association for Canadian Studies conducted the poll.
The poll was made to survey 1,479 Canadians. The result showed that about 59% of Canadians were concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak. 20% showed that they are ‘Very concerned’, and 39% are ‘Somewhat worried’.
The citizens of Ontario represented the highest number of worry about coronavirus, which relates to the fact that their province has the highest number of cases in the nation.
The crisis of COVID-19 has …

Canada’s Survey on Gender Equality in 2019

From October until December in the year 2019, a survey was conducted in Canada, which covered:

Gender Equality
Sexual Harassment and Violence
Equal Pay

Gender Equality
The study inquired about the views of the respondents to identify how gender equality was practiced in Canada. In the whole survey, a large percentage of respondents believed that gender equality was attained not only at home but also at work. Here are the results that agree on gender equality achievement based on different environments and aspects:

At home – 82%
Social setting – 70%
At …