Canada’s Survey on Gender Equality in 2019

From October until December in the year 2019, a survey was conducted in Canada, which covered:

  • Gender Equality
  • Sexual Harassment and Violence
  • Equal Pay

Gender Equality

The study inquired about the views of the respondents to identify how gender equality was practiced in Canada. In the whole survey, a large percentage of respondents believed that gender equality was attained not only at home but also at work. Here are the results that agree on gender equality achievement based on different environments and aspects:

  • At home – 82%
  • Social setting – 70%
  • At work – 67%
  • In the media – 63%
  • In Politics – 49%

Sexual Harassment and Violence

The number of female respondents who claim that they were able to experience psychological, sexual, and physical harassment continues to be in the same proportion as the 2018 survey.

Equal Pay

The majority of the respondents are convinced with their thinking that men tend to earn more money than women even with the same job. It almost reached 40 percent of the respondents, who believe that both genders should earn a similar amount of money for the same job.

The survey shows that there still needs to have a lot of effort in order to achieve the total equality of genders.

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