The Habit of Young Canadians to Buy Local Products

Purchasing local products can be observed as trending economic ethics in today’s younger generation.

Young Canadians prefer to purchase local goods for different reasons, such as giving support to the local economy or making sure that the environment is much protected from mass production of items that can cause damage to nature during manufacture.

Liking by Age

About 3,000 young Canadians were surveyed to know about their behavior and perception in buying local products. The mentioned respondents were in the age range of 13 – 37 years old. Here are the results, which were divided into three categories:

  • Unworried Age (13 – 19 years old) – They do not tend to be stressful, and they buy less expensive products from stores because they tend to have lower incomes.
  • Unstable Age (20 – 29 years old) – Compared to the previous category, they are more stressed, and they tend to think so much about things. This becomes a reason that these age groups have second thoughts when deciding to buy a certain product, thinking if the purchase will be worth the penny.
  • Stable Age (30 – 37 years old) – This category is not worried about their money, even if financial tremors are taking place. They are willing to pay even if it’s expensive.

Why do young Canadians buy local?

The primary reason is to support the economy of the local province, and they tend to have higher quality. Ecological reasons just come next to that. For Canadian businessmen, they should consider the thinking of the youngsters, if they want to encourage them to buy their products.

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