On Federal Carbon Tax Constitutionality: Supreme Court postponed it

Canada’s Supreme Court decides to postpone the hearing about the constitutionality of federal carbon tax until June. The highest court is supposed to have the hearing next week, set in motion by Ontario and Saskatchewan, with the support of other provinces. However, Chief Justice Richard Wagner postpones hearings, as a nationwide exertion to prevent COVID-19 spread in Canada. This includes the carbon tax case.

Saskatchewan and Ontario’s highest courts have turned down the line of reasoning of those provinces that the federative constitution does not have the legal authority to enforce carbon tax in territories that do not enforce carbon rates based on federative standards.

Richard Wagner stated that appeals are provisionally put off until the month of June. The government of Saskatchewan understands why the delay needs to be done.

Jim Billington, press secretary of Scott Moe, stated in his e-mail that while they look forward to facing the federatively enforced carbon tax at Canada’s Supreme Court, they agree that it’s suitable to have the case postponed in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

As for now, Saskatchewan will continue to be focused on preventing COVID-19’s spread in their territory.

The delay of the court will also affect a case hearing about the bid of a Toronto Star to prevent the sealing of documents involving the property of Barry and Honey Sherman, a Toronto couple, who were murdered in their mansion in Toronto on December of 2017.

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