Poll Says Majority of Canadians are concerned about COVID-19 outbreak

A large number of Canadians, specifically in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak in their cities. The Association for Canadian Studies conducted the poll.

The poll was made to survey 1,479 Canadians. The result showed that about 59% of Canadians were concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak. 20% showed that they are ‘Very concerned’, and 39% are ‘Somewhat worried’.

The citizens of Ontario represented the highest number of worry about coronavirus, which relates to the fact that their province has the highest number of cases in the nation.

The crisis of COVID-19 has increased rapidly, ever since the survey was conducted on March 9. Lots of provincial universities and schools have announced shut down.

There is also a clear difference between generations about how Canadians see the pandemic’s severity. 68% of those who are aged 18-34 think that the COVID-19 threat is only being overstated. Those who have the age of 55 above believed that they agree that the concern about coronavirus is overblown.

The general statistics amongst health professionals ever since COVID-19 occurred in China was that the elderly, as well as the ones with preexisting medical health disorders or conditions, are the ones who are at the most risk of being severely affected when they get infected.

However, COVID-19 has killed younger victims as well.

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